Cummins Engine Part Exhaust Manifold Gasket 3966349 for Cummins G50/K50/QSK50 Engine

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Cummins Genuine Engine Part Exhaust Manifold Gasket 3966349 for Cummins Engine G50, K50, K50-DPM, QSK50 CM2150 K107, QSK50 CM2150 MCRS, QSK50 CM2350 K108, QSK50 CM850 MCRS, QSK50 DF CM850/CM2150 MCRS CCEC

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Exhaust Manifold Gasket pressure distribution

(1) The Exhaust Manifold gasket pressure is mainly concentrated in the area around the ribs and bolt holes. In the area of the gasket body, the contact pressure is very small, approximately zero. From this, it can be considered that the sealing function of the gasket is mainly realized by the ribs, and the sealing performance is guaranteed by the pressure characteristics of the ribs. In the following sealing analysis, the main focus is on the contact state in the bead area.

(2) Under assembly conditions, the contact pressure distribution of the ribs is uniform and the value is large, and the sealing performance is good; under the full-load hot state, the pressure distribution of the ribs is uneven, and the contact pressure drops significantly, which is a dangerous working condition for the sealing performance; The contact pressure and uniformity of distribution in the case are between assembled and full load, and the current design is closer to the installed state.

(3) In the most dangerous high-speed and full-load conditions, the sealing pressure in the central area of the gasket drops significantly, the pressure at both ends increases greatly, and the specific gravity of the sealing pressure load transmitted through the ribs decreases, which is not good for sealing.

Exhaust Manifold Pressure on Gasket

Under the high-speed full-load thermal state, due to uneven thermal expansion and cold contraction, the expansion of the air passage outside the manifold is large, and the expansion of the air passage in the middle is small, resulting in the deformation of the sealing surface into a bow shape, and the central part of the manifold has a tendency to separate from the cylinder head. . This tendency to separate greatly reduces the amount of compression of the gasket bead, thereby reducing the sealing pressure.


Company Introduction

Raptors, the authorized dealer of Cummins (China), established in 2015 by Mr. Jordan Wang who worked in Cummins (China) for 8 years, Jordan had been responsible for mine market for 4 years during working in Cummins china, so we have big advantages for almost all genuine Cummins generators, engine assembly and spare parts, especially for NTA855, KTA19, KTA38, KTA50, QSK60, QSX15 etc...

Product Parameter

Part name: Exhaust Manifold Gasket
Part number: 3966349
Brand: Cummins
Warranty: 6 months
Material: Metal
Color: Silver
Packing: Cummins Packing
Feature: Genuine & Brand New
Stock situation: 20 pieces in stock;
Unit weight: 0.07kg
Size: 14*10*6cm

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