Cummins Engine Part Turbocharger Kit 3803452/3803400/3594111 For Cummins K19 Engine

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Part number: 3803452/3803400/3594111

Description: Cummins genuine Turbocharger Kit with replacement part number 3803452/3803400/3594111 for Cummins Engine K19, KTA19 G CMEICS K123, KTA19GC, KTA19GC CM558, QSK19 CM2150 MCRS, QSK19 CM2350 K105, QSK19 CM500, QSK19 CM850 MCRS, QSK19G. The Turbocharger Kit including Kit , Pdc, Connection Gasket, O-Ring Seal, Turbocharger Gasket, Dust Seal, O-Ring Seal and Turbocharger, etc…

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Part name: Turbocharger Kit, HC5A
Part number: 3803452/3803400/3594111
Brand: Cummins
Warranty: 6 months
Material: Metal
Color: Silver
Packing: Cummins Packing
Feature: Genuine & Brand New
Stock situation: 20 pieces in stock;
Unit weight: 37kg
Size: 38*34*47cm

Working principle of turbocharger

The turbocharger is an air compressor that uses the exhaust gas generated by the operation of the internal combustion engine to be driven by a structure composed of two coaxial impellers. Similar to the function of a supercharger, both can increase the air flow into the internal combustion engine or boiler, thereby improving the combustion efficiency. Commonly used in automobile engines, turbochargers can increase the output power of the internal combustion engine or improve fuel economy at the same output power by using the heat and flow rate of the exhaust gas.

The turbo system is one of the most common supercharging systems in supercharged engines. If in the same unit time, more air and fuel mixture can be forced into the cylinder (combustion chamber) for compression and explosion (a small displacement engine can "suck in" the same amount as a large displacement. Air, improve the volumetric efficiency), it can produce a larger power output than a naturally aspirated engine at the same speed. Generally speaking, the engine can increase the extra power by at least 30%-40% after cooperating with such a "forced intake" action. This is the advantage of turbochargers.

Product Application

The full range of turbochargers and related products are mainly used in commercial vehicles, construction machinery, mining equipment, marine power and generator sets, etc.


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3803452 Turbocharger Kit (1)
3803452 Turbocharger Kit (3)
3803452 Turbocharger Kit (2)
3803452 Turbocharger Kit (5)
3803452 Turbocharger Kit (4)
3803452 Turbocharger Kit (6)

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