Fuel Filter Part Number FF5840 For Fleetguard Brand

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Part number: FF5840

Description: Original Fleetguard diesel fuel filter element FF5840

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Fuel filter element, used to filter debris in fuel, alias is oil-water separator and diesel fine filter, is a microporous paper filter element.  Fuel filters are filtered.  In the early days, the filter element of gasoline filter has metal gap type, metal filter type, nylon cloth type, porous ceramic type and so on.
Gasoline and diesel filters are generally made of microporous paper filter elements, processed by phenolic resin, made of folding cylinder, with good performance, high filtration efficiency, simple structure, low cost, easy maintenance and other advantages.
The main function of the filter element is to filter the gasoline in the car.  After a long time of filtration, the impurities in the gasoline will reduce the filtration function of the filter element. And our company Chengdu Raptors Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co. Ltd, professional to provide customers with the original Fleetguard filter element, reasonable price, fast delivery.  At the same time, if the customer needs, we can also provide OEM filter elements.

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Efficiency Test Std SAE J 1985
Warranty: 6 months
Stock situation: 300 pieces in stock
Condition: Genuine and new


Fuel filter has three types: Diesel filter, gasoline filter and Gas filter.  Its role is to remove the solid debris contained in the fuel, prevent the fuel system blockage (especially the nozzle) to reduce mechanical wear, to ensure the stable operation of the engine.  In addition, the fuel filter also has the role of filtering water, in order to reduce the water in the fuel into the engine to cause fatal damage to the engine.
Fuel filter element is widely used in construction machinery, hydraulic transmission, such as excavator, tire loader, truck crane, crawler bulldozer, tire crane, self-propelled scraper, grader and vibratory roller.

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