Cummins Engine Part Turbocharger Repair Kit 3803257/3801669/3545677 for Cummins K19/KTA19/QSK19 Engine

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Cummins Genuine Engine Part Turbocharger Repair Kit 3803257/3801669/3545677 for Cummins K19/KTA19/QSK19 Engine with Competitive Price

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Raptors, the authorized dealer of Cummins (China), established in 2015 by Mr. Jordan Wang who worked in Cummins (China) for 8 years, Jordan had been responsible for mine market for 4 years during working in Cummins china, so we have big advantages for almost all genuine Cummins generators, engine assembly and spare parts, especially for NTA855, KTA19, KTA38, KTA50, QSK60, QSX15 etc...

Product Parameter

Part name: Turbocharger Repair Kit
Part number: 3803257/3801669/3545677
Brand: Cummins
Warranty: 6 months
Material: Metal
Color: Silver
Packing: Cummins Packing
Feature: Genuine & Brand New
Stock situation: 10 pieces in stock;
Unit weight: 0.5kg
Size: 3*25*22cm


A turbocharger is actually an air compressor that increases the amount of intake air by compressing it. It uses the inertial impulse of the exhaust gas discharged from the engine to push the turbine in the turbine chamber, and the turbine drives the coaxial impeller, and the impeller presses the air sent from the air filter pipe to pressurize it into the cylinder. When the engine speed increases, the exhaust gas discharge speed and the turbine speed also increase synchronously, the impeller compresses more air into the cylinder, and the pressure and density of the air increase to burn more fuel, correspondingly increase the amount of fuel and adjust the speed of the engine, It can increase the output power of the engine.

Structure of the turbocharger

First of all, let's talk about the general structure of the turbocharger. The exhaust gas turbocharger is mainly composed of a pump wheel and a turbine, and of course there are other control components. The pump wheel and the turbine are connected by a shaft, that is, the rotor. The exhaust gas discharged from the engine drives the pump wheel, and the pump wheel drives the turbine to rotate. After the turbine rotates, the air intake system is pressurized. The supercharger is installed on the exhaust side of the engine, so the working temperature of the supercharger is very high, and the speed of the rotor of the supercharger is very high when it is working, which can reach hundreds of thousands of revolutions per minute, such a high speed and temperature The common mechanical needle roller or ball bearing cannot work for the rotor, so the turbocharger generally adopts a fully floating bearing, which is lubricated by oil, and the coolant is used to cool the supercharger.

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