Cummins ISG Engine Assembly

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Description: Cummins ISG Engine Assembly, brand new and genuine, this engine is produced by BFCEC, Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Company.

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ISG Engine parameters

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Max Power




1800 N·M

2300 N·M




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Advantages of ISG engine

1.Lightweight modular design reduces parts and makes maintenance easier
2.iBrake braking technology strong braking force, safe and efficient: Braking is strong and safe, and the exhaust braking efficiency is increased by 50%; High efficiency, high controllable downhill speed; Low cost, no maintenance required to reduce brake pads and tire wear.
3.Intelligent Speed Control Technology (LBSC) Fuel-saving expert,Cummins adopts the unique patented Load Based Speed Control (LBSC) technology of intelligent speed control to help users save fuel through both intelligent driving and low-speed gear shifting.
4.2000Bar ultra-high pressure injection technology, good power, Cummins adopts 2000bar ultra-high pressure injection technology, which has low fuel consumption, large torque, strong power, and good cold start performance, setting a new industry standard.
Low fuel consumption, good fuel atomization, fuel saving; Low speed and high torque to improve operating efficiency; Good start-up performance -35℃ without heat-assisted start for 7 seconds;Multi-stage jet, low noise.
5.Advanced cooling and lubrication technology and air intake system design
Low system loss, energy consumption reduced by more than 50%; High intake and exhaust efficiency reduces power consumption; Electromagnetic silicone oil fan application, good cooling effect.

Product application

The Cummins ISG series is an inline six-cylinder ultra-high pressure direct-injection engine. Currently, two models, ISG11L and ISG12L, are introduced to the market, with displacements of 10.5 liters and 11.8 liters, respectively, and powers of 310-512 horsepower (228-382 kilowatts), peak value Torque is 2300 Nm. Using Cummins XPI ultra-high pressure fuel injection technology, it can meet Euro IV (National IV) and Euro V (National V) emissions and Euro VI emission requirements. ISG focuses on providing ideal power solutions for tractors, dump trucks, flatbed trucks, special vehicles, buses and buses. Meet various global emission standards.

ISG Engine Assembly (2)
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