Cummins QSC8.3 Engine Assembly

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Description: Cummins QSC8.3 Engine Assembly, brand new and genuine, this engine is produced by DCEC, Dongfeng Cummins Engine Company.

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QSC8.3 Engine parameters for construction machinery

Type In-line six-cylinder, water-cooled, four-stroke, electronically controlled high-pressure direct injection
Bore×stroke 114×135mm
Displacement 8.3L
Air intake method Turbocharged
Maximum power 260/194 (horsepower/kw)
Maximum torque 1080 N·M
Electric control system ECM
Fuel System High pressure common rail system
Emission 国 III/EU Stage IIIA
Net weight 674kg
Specific size 1159×734×1153mm

Cummins QSC8.3 Engine advantage

1.Advanced design, exquisite manufacturing technology, reliable and durable, suitable for high-strength, heavy-duty operations under severe working conditions.
2.Adopting high-pressure fuel pump, combustion is more complete under high fuel injection pressure, less energy loss, strong power, strong fuel adaptability, and lower emissions.
3.Adopt Holset supercharger with integral wastegate valve, low-speed responsiveness and strong power.
4.Integral cylinder design, the number of parts is about 25% less than similar products, the failure rate is lower, and the maintenance is more convenient.
5.The cylinder liner adopts a platform mesh honing design and a corrosion-resistant high-nickel cast iron piston, which greatly reduces oil loss, enhances durability, and has a longer service life.
6.Advanced design, higher engine-to-liter power ratio, up to 23.4 kilowatts/liter.
7.The three-stage fuel filter ensures a balanced level of particle dispersion, protects the main components of the fuel system, and maximizes the life of the engine.
8.The electronic control system can intelligently switch the working mode according to the environment and operating conditions, and has the functions of self-diagnosis, alarm and remote monitoring.
Mature intelligent electronic control technology improves the overall performance of the engine, and the engine specifications can be tailored according to application requirements.

Engine model diversity

QSC8.3-C215-30, QSC8.3-C220-30, QSC8.3-C240-30, QSC8.3-C260-30, QSC8.3-C260-31

Product application

QSC8.3 has a wide range of applications and is suitable for various construction machinery.

Engine Pictures

QSC8.3 Engine Assembly (1)
QSC8.3 Engine Assembly (3)
QSC8.3 Engine Assembly (2)
QSC8.3 Engine Assembly (4)

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