Cummins 6LT9.3 Engine Assembly

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Description: Cummins 6LT9.3 Engine Assembly, brand new and genuine, this engine is produced by GCIC, Guangxi Cummins Engine Company.

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6LT9.3 Engine parameters

Engine Model 6LT9.3
Displacement 9.3L
Rated power 220/162 (horsepower/kw)
Maximum torque 890*980 N·M
Air intake method Turbocharged
Emission Standards China Phase II (Upgradable Phase III), Tier2/Stage II in Europe and America

Performance advantages for 6LT9.3 engine loader

1.Optimal match with the whole machine, low energy consumption.
2.Work cycle time period, high work efficiency.
3.High reliability, durable and durable. Long continuous working time and good stability. Passed 5000 hours of bench test and three high test (high temperature, plateau, high cold), and over 20000 hours of actual working condition test.
4.Super power, quick start and quick response.
5.Higher torque reserve, higher traction and greater breakout force.
6.It is suitable for high-strength and heavy-duty operations, and has strong adaptability to complex working conditions.
The maintenance is convenient, the overhaul period is long, and the use cost is low.

Loader working cycle optimization

According to the actual load spectrum of the loader, set the engine parameters to make the loader's power and fuel saving rate reach the best.
1.Low speed and high torque, improve the acceleration of the loader.
2.Maximum power point to improve the traction of the loader.
Expand the economic fuel consumption area, reduce the fuel consumption in the actual working range of the loader by more than 5%, and have a good fuel saving effect.

Product application

6LT9.3 is tailor-made for loader applications, adopting Cummins' global unified cash quality management system and standards, as well as international leading machining technology and testing equipment, to lean to create a series of power products that meet the different needs of domestic and international markets.
The engine works efficiently, is economical and durable, saves fuel and reduces consumption, has strong adaptability to complex working conditions, saves operating costs, and has low maintenance costs.

Engine Pictures

6LT9.3 Engine Assembly (1)
6LT9.3 Engine Assembly (2)
6LT9.3 Engine Assembly (2)
6LT9.3 Engine Assembly (4)
6LT9.3 Engine Assembly (5)
6LT9.3 Engine Assembly (6)

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