Cummins Engine Parts Main Bearing 4319798/4319792

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Part number: 4319798/4319792

Description: Cummins brand new engine main bearing set 4319798/4319792

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The bearing set is the contact part of the sliding bearing and the journal. The shape is a semi-cylindrical tile-like surface, which is very smooth. It is generally made of bronze, antifriction alloy and other wear-resistant materials. In special cases, it can be made of wood, engineering plastics or rubber.
The characteristics of the material of the bearing bush are: small friction coefficient, sufficient fatigue strength, good running-in and good corrosion resistance. Commonly used bearing materials include bearing alloy (babbitt alloy), copper alloy, powder metallurgy, gray cast iron and wear-resistant cast iron, etc.

This main bearing set is produced by Xi'an Cummins. Xi'an Cummins mainly produces ISM11 and QSM11 series of fully electronically controlled diesel engines. The displacement is 10.8 liters and the power range covers 250-440 horsepower. Meet the National IV/National V (Euro IV/Euro V) emission regulations and the third-stage emission regulations for off-road use. Products are widely used in heavy-duty trucks, intermediate and high-grade passenger cars, construction machinery, generator sets, ship power and other power equipment, etc.

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Product Parameter

Part name: Main bearing set
Part number: 4319798/4319792
Brand: Cummins
Warranty: 6 months
Material: Metal
Color: Silver
Feature: Genuine & new Cummins part
MOQ: 1 piece
Stock situation: 220 pieces in stock

Packaged dimensions

Length: 14cm
Height: 7cm
Width: 6cm
Weight: 0.26kg

Product Application

This main bearing set is used in Cummins construction machinery, railways, mines, oil fields, automobiles, ships, power plants, XCMG, Terex, mining equipment, machinery equipment, and marine equipment.


Product Pictures

4319798 connecting rod bearing (1)
4319798 connecting rod bearing (2)
4319798 connecting rod bearing (3)
4319798 connecting rod bearing (4)

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